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IOD score card

Zombie Zeitgeist, by J Cornell Michel (1:15)

Today we see that starting in the middle of the action shouldn’t mean chopping off the start of events. What I gleaned about the stories: Dave put the book of…

Unleashed, by Dirk Patton (16:49)

Today we see that when the narrator’s thoughts are cold and distant, it’s hard for a reader to engage.

Broken World, by Kate L. Mary (14:30)

Today we see that poor character decision are either a sign of a stupid character or a weak writing.

Rotten Bodies, by Steve Jenkins (2:53)

Today we see that a little italic emphasis goes a long way.

After: The Shock, by Scott Nicholson (38:03)

Today we see that even with the goal-posts looming in sight, a short clump of awkwardness can still trip a reader up before they get there.