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IOD score card

The Final Formula, by Becca Andre (26:19)

Today we see that when new characters are introduced in the middle of a fight scene, the action interferes directly with the reader’s attempts to compartmentalize the new faces.

Recovered, by Amber Polo (6:01)

Today we see that there’s more to telling a story than just stringing together a sequence of dramatic events.

A Sip of Fear, by Brian Rush (12:05)

Today we see that when authors manufacture a convenient deduction, the result may feel convenient and manufactured.

Shiftless, by Aimee Easterling (8:31)

Today we see that if the narrative language does not feel natural to the context, it’s hard for the reader to engage with the world.

Inquisitor, by RJ Blain (29:08)

Today we see that plausibility needs to be more than skin deep.