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A comic look at the history of typos

Click to view Ever wondered where typos first came from? Well, wonder no longer. Let the ImmerseOrDie players take you back… This short video (1 min) has been seen before,…

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IOD-TV Episode #5: Squeaky Wheel Syndrome

Not all immersion busters are actually errors. Sometimes, perfectly sensible prose can backfire.

A book trailer that isn’t a trailer

To be honest, I don’t think trailers work. Or more accurately, I think that when trailers try to sell a book, they fall flat. Especially because so many of them (my…

Supporting some special fans – just 4 more votes to 1st place

Last year, some uber-fans of Strange Places wrote a haunting, beautiful song about the unfortunate orphan girls who populate an important part of my twisted world. Then they went one…