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Clovenhoof, by Goody and Grant (21:50)

Today we see that even with lots going for it, little frictions can pull a reader out of the story. And what’s more, the better the story, the more it feels like a betrayal when it happens.

The Winter Beast and other tales, by James R Sanford (9:46)

Today we discover that readers expect the point of view to be a consistent retelling of a scene, not a shifting mix of angles and depths. What I gleaned about…

Magical Girls, by Jesse Brown (29:47)

Today we see that people read stories for the same reason emergency response crews practice city-wide disaster scenarios.

Wyrd Calling, by Shen Hart (10:49)

Today we see that author-publishers are accountable for layout as well as grammar. That’s what the “publisher” part of the job title is all about.

Fatal Infatuation, by Melanie Nowak (9:37)

Today we ask the question: if a prologue falls in the forest but conveys no information, was it really a prologue at all?