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Snapdragon: And Six More Stories with Bite by Jack Kardiac (4:21)

Today we see that the best formatting is the kind the reader doesn’t notice. What I gleaned about the stories: If you have never failed, you will as soon as you…

Days Gone Bad, by Eric R. Asher (3:21)

Today we see that galloping I disease isn’t just about the narrator—other characters can trigger it too.

Shiftless, by Aimee Easterling (8:31)

Today we see that if the narrative language does not feel natural to the context, it’s hard for the reader to engage with the world.

The Zoey Chronicles, by Sophia Grey (2:01)

Today we see that dense or figurative language increases the risk readers will lose immersion. What I gleaned about the stories: Being a teenager is confusing, and becomes more so…

Sanyare: The Last Descendant, by Megan Haskell (15:04)

Today we see that even world situations that are totally acceptable can disrupt a story if they’re revealed at the wrong time.