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Cannibal Hearts, by Misha Burnett (33:09)

Today we see that even when the reader is fully engaged and loving the story, frequent editorial gaffes can have a draining effect, to the point where the book might even be abandoned.

Itch: Nine Tales of Fantastic Worlds, by Kris Austen Radcliffe (1:53)

Today we see that even if a scene is well-written, it won’t engage readers if it doesn’t follow the previous prose. What I gleaned about the stories: There is weirdness…

Recovered, by Amber Polo (6:01)

Today we see that there’s more to telling a story than just stringing together a sequence of dramatic events.

Awakened, by C. Steven Manley (5:45)

Today we see how important it is to carefully manage the reader’s mental camera.

The Devil You Know, by Richard Levesque (40:00)

Today we are reminded that when demons abound, a little debauchery and excess completes the mood properly.