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A Moonlit Task, by Tom Hansen (11:49)

Today we see that some low-level irritants eventually fade into the background, while others only get amplified with each occurrence.

Grey Magic, by JT Lawrence (4:13)

Today we see that if a reader cannot trust the typography, they will never relax fully enough to immerse.

Three Mermaid Tales: Short Stories, by Anne Seaworthy (2:00)

Today we see that the more conclusions you draw for a reader, the less interest they have in reading on to decide for themselves.

Amber Fang, by Arthur Slade (40:00)

Today brings us another winner! This time it’s a spunky vampire librarian assassin.

Awakening, by Katherine Wynter (9:45)

Today we see there’s a hierarchy of intrusiveness when it comes to typos.