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There Comes a Time, by J.J. Green (2:24)

Today we are reminded that most people expect the near future to still have access to the things we enjoy today, unless told otherwise What I gleaned about the stories:…

Hitler Out Of Time, by David Avoura King (1:43)

Today we see a fun premise brought down by distracting prose.

Call Me Yesterday, by Tim Beresford (3:40)

Today we see that seven of nine can either be sexy or frustrating, depending on context.

My Tomorrow Your Yesterday, by Jason Ayres (10:35)

Today we see that if all you talk about is yourself, and the litany of objects around you in the room, you aren’t interesting enough to spend time with.

Strawman Made Steel, by Brett Adams (15:57)

Today we see that drama and a strong character can overshadow a recurring problem, but not forever.