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IOD score card

Lily Marin: three short steampunk stories, by Paul Kater (1:21)

Today we see that focusing on minutia can damage the reader’s trust as much as leaving out key details. What I gleaned about the stories: If you’re a singer in…

IOD score card

Squawk of the Were-Chicken, by Richard J. Kendrick (40:00)

Today we see that when your opening image is of an egg harvester invention launching errant eggs at the inventor’s mother, readers tend to stick around to see what could…

IOD score card

Heaven’s Jubilee And Other Short Stories, by Faith Blum (1:10)

Today we see that readers will assume obvious differences are significant. What I gleaned about the stories: Exercise can be better for keeping warm than staying still; especially if one…

The Aeronaut, by Bryan Young (3:27)

Today we see that any unbelievable thing can happen in a story, so long as the reader is given reason to believe you did it on purpose.

Ignifer Tales, by Michael John Grist (2:16)

Today we see that if you evoke a sense of immediate and visceral horror in the reader, they will be confused if your characters then seem bored. What I gleaned…