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The Viper and the Urchin, by Celine Jeanjean (3:35)

Today we see that if a character claims elegance, the prose with which he does so had better not be clumsy.

Bartleby and James, by Michael Coorlim (40:00)

Today we see that even a really engaging story can be tarnished by an insufficiency of conflict.

Law of the Wolf, by S. A. Hunt (5:46)

Today we see that sequel books have a whole new set of issues that can trip up a reader.

Mad Tinker’s Daughter, by J.S. Morin (40:00)

There are times when too little information might just be enough.

Discovering Aberration, by S.C. Barrus (15:27)

Today we learn that if you want to affect a particular historical style, it’s not enough to come close. You have to understand the language you’re using thoroughly. And if you don’t, that tells you what qualities you should be looking for in your editor.