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IOD score card

Burnt Worlds, by S.J. Madill (40:00)

Today we see a survivor who shows us what a star empire run by Canadians might look like. And I’m fascinated.

Colony One, by E.M. Peters (3:58)

Today we see that exposition about the politics of a place is uninteresting if we have not yet met anybody who lives there.

Fantastic Visions 2, by Julian M Miles (2:50)

Today we see that contradictions can damage immersion more easily than strong images can create it.

Salvage Trouble, by J.S. Morin (40:00)

Today we see that sometimes, the limitations of physics present an opportunity to be awesome.

The Galapagos Incident, by Felix R. Savage (28:50)

Today we see that if you tell us FTL comms are not possible, you should not then build your entire story around lagless interplanetary communications.