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The Improbable Rise of Singularity Girl, by Bryce Anderson (40:00)

Today marks the first book to go the distance, and at the same time, teaches us that even a forty-minute champ can have a blemish or two.

Chrono Virus, by Aaron Crocco (31:08)

In today’s installment, we learn that even little details matter, and that story facts have to be both plausible and internally consistent.

Pay Me, Bug!

My Blurb: When Grif Vindh and his crew pull into the Tylaris system to celebrate after pulling off an impossible heist, all hands begin dreaming of what they’ll do next. But…

First Contact, by Michael R. Hicks

My Blurb: Ichiro Sato has committed a terrible sin. He survived. When the crew of the TNS Aurora makes unexpected first contact with a hostile race, midshipman Sato is spared from…

Ships of My Fathers, by Dan Thompson

My Blurb: Growing up aboard a smuggler’s ship is exciting, but not Mal Reynolds or Han Solo exciting. So Michael Fletcher thought he was on course for a low-key kind…