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IOD score card

Dislocations: Fictions, by Windsor Harries (4:37)

Today we see that if you have to explain your description then you’re calling somebody an idiot: either the reader or yourself. And neither case is good for the relationship….

IOD score card

A Goldfish Mastermind Named Benedict Cumberbatch & the League of Domesticated Assassins: And Other Unexpected Tales, by Mark R Morris Jr (1:11)

Today we see that distractions compound exponentially. What I gleaned about the stories: Being on the safe side of a sealed airlock but not being able to stay there can…

The Last Outpost, by Hannah Ross (2:04)

Today we see that early warning signs are n often correct.

IOD score card

Power for Two Minutes and Other Unrealities, by Mjke Woods (1:18)

Today we see that if your front matter contradicts your cover and blurb, readers are trained to mistrust you even before they start reading. What I gleaned about the stories:…

IOD score card

Flash Fiction, by Richard Dee (2:28)

Today we see that background details are supposed to stay in the background. What I gleaned about the stories: Civilization, that structure that provides sufficient elevation above immediate survival that…