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IOD score card

Immortal, by Gene Doucette (40:00)

Today we see that, even when treading familiar ground, a good author can make it seem fresh by adding just a dollop of humor. What I gleaned about the story:…

scifi landscape

Review of How Great Science Fiction Works

This week, my travels took me to a newly discovered continent: Kanopy. Maybe you know about it already, but I didn’t. For those of you still wandering in the fog…

IOD score card

Survival in the Robot Dawn, by C.W. Crowe (6:46)

Today we see that a prologue involving the same cast, setting, and time period as the rest of the story isn’t really a prologue. It’s Scene #1. What I gleaned…

IOD score card

Metal Chest, by Chris Yee (4:27)

Today we see that smooth and interesting prose isn’t enough. The narration also has to suit the tone and character of the narrator. What I gleaned about the story: Silas…

Fluency, by Jennifer Foehner Wells (6:23)

Today we see that if you promise hard SF on the tin, implausibilities by the pound are not what you should pack inside. What I gleaned about the story: Dr….