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IOD score card

Becoming Estevan and Other Science-Fiction Tales of Love & Obsession, by McCamy Taylor (0:17)

Today we see that if the opening pages of your book suggest you haven’t spent time on it, readers won’t either. What I gleaned about the stories: Sometimes, characters will—…

IOD score card

Comedy Shorts: Four Short Stories….., by Robin Storey (2:30)

Today we see that commas are not the only punctuation that can get repetitive. What I gleaned about the stories: Sometimes comedy opens with a funeral rather than ending with…

My Delicate Destruction, by Jillian Ashe (11:25)

In today’s episode we see that when the viewpoint isn’t nailed down securely, people die.

Magic Unbound, by Jill Nojack (3:43)

Just as exposition dumping is a bad way to present backstory, today we see that it isn’t an engaging way to reveal character, either.

Juma’s Rain, by Katharina Gerlach (6:19)

Today we see that when the prose lacks nuance, it amplifies other problems.