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Campus Daycare Picnic (2015)

Reading Squeak! to kids and families at the UofS Campus Daycare picnic. I worried that they’d be too distracted by the usual picnic activities of running, jumping, screaming, and other…

How to sell 50 copies of your printed book in one week. Repeatably.

If you’re a best-selling author, then 50 copies is chino-change. But if you’re one of the thousands of emerging authors all trying to establish a foothold, 50 books a year can seem like a pipe dream, even if you count ebooks. So 50 printed books? In one week? That’s monumental. Unthinkable. Well I’ve stumbled on a way to do exactly that. Repeatably. Reliably. It won’t make you rich, but this practice can single-handedly jump start your career and help you find those first few dozen true fans. And best of all, you’ll be giving back to the community while you do it. So what in the world am I talking about?

Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan (2014)

Reading from Strange Places just before Taming of the Shrew.

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