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30 Seconds to More Creative Plots

Click image to view. Jefferson presents a quick writing exercise (actually, it’s a reading exercise) that you can do in 30 seconds to improve the originality and unpredictability of your…

The paradox of walking while you write: be creative or solve problems? Choose one.

There has been a lot of attention in the media over the last year or two about a particular research study that seems to show that our creativity goes up when we are walking. But that result completely contradicts my own own experience, so I thought I’d dig into the science. It turns out that we have to be careful with our definitions.

Dark Matter, by Brett Adams (40:00)

Today I am reminded that when the writing is really good, you find evidence of it on almost every page.

Why readers bail on books. Maybe even yours.

Lots of readers seem to be downloading samples of your novel, but few seem to be clicking the “Buy” button. What the hell is going on? Well, over the last…

Psychology tricks for story-tellers

What is the evolutionary function of story-telling? And how can we make use of that hard-wired neurology to make our own stories more effective? Those are the questions explored (and…