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The Tilt, by M.A. Robbins (17:04)

Today we see that when characters experience facts but have no reaction to them, emotional, they’re like plot zombies. And nobody chooses to spend time getting to know zombies.

The Rat Collector, by Chris Yee (6:21)

Today I am reminded that when the problem is a stylistic one, examples can recur so frequently that the reader gets hyper-sensitized to them.

In Strange Worlds, by Brenda Cheers (6:15)

Today we see that a great way to ensure your readers do not invest emotionally in your story is to give them a narrator who doesn’t invest either.

Strategy of Numbers, by Clint Irwin (6:04)

Today we see the perils of having a strong opening line that is not borne out in the prose that follows

Stranger Worlds than These by L J Cohen (40:00)

Today we see that less can be more when it comes to the speculative elements.