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IOD score card

Everblossom: A Short Story and Poetry Anthology, by Larissa Hinton (2:37)

Today we see that the road to pronouns must be paved with concrete. What I gleaned about the stories: When a face gets slapped, it’s a grim sight whether it’s…

Hidden Pictures by Angela Castillo (4:14)

Today we see that partial echoes can be more distracting than full ones if the reader is primed to accept echoes. What I gleaned about the stories: Sometimes odd things…

Dr Ty’s Strange Fiction Volume 1, by Ty Walsh Trez (2:47)

Today we see that adding something that most books don’t have can reduce the feeling of excitement if you do it poorly.

Unselected, by John Kipling Lewis

Today marks another experiment. John Lewis asked me if I accept collections of flash fiction. I said, “Let’s find out.” And this is what we learned… Find this book on…