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Awakened, by C. Steven Manley (5:45)

Today we see how important it is to carefully manage the reader’s mental camera.

A Visit from the Soul-Eater, by Talisha Harrison (1:22)

Today we see that if you don’t prime the reader to expect unusual usage or structure, when it happens they will assume you made a mistake.

Let the Water Rise and Other Stories, by Matthew Burgos (1:25)

Today we see that if the opening sentences of your book are incoherent, readers will ill-disposed to reading on.

A Sip of Fear, by Brian Rush (12:05)

Today we see that when authors manufacture a convenient deduction, the result may feel convenient and manufactured.

Dark Matter, by Brett Adams (40:00)

Today I am reminded that when the writing is really good, you find evidence of it on almost every page.