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Cross Examinations: Crime in Columbus, by John Hegenberger (2:16)

Today we see that description readers can trust is twice as important in a crime story.

Wanna Take a Ride?, by Gary Val Tenuta (2:42)

Today we see that one case of┬ámisused punctuation can undermine the tone of your entire story. What I gleaned about the stories: Gold-diggers sometimes turn out to be great business…

Cold Pulp Trio, by E.R. White, Jr. (1:02)

Today we see that authors lose credit faster for shaky description than they gain it for layers and nuance. What I gleaned about the stories: Even if you wake up…

Cooper Omnibus by Bill Bernico (2:06)

Today we see that it’s actually possible for first person narratives to lack intimacy if not handled carefully.