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IOD score card

Fur Boys, by C.A. Newsome (10:10)

Today we see that the opening of a story is a three-way balancing act between providing enough detail, providing too much, and providing distracting details.

IOD score card

Crime, Conflict & Consequences: Short Stories 1, by Heather Burnside (1:35)

Today we learn that your typography should be invisible. When it becomes noticeable, it has stopped doing its job. What I gleaned about the stories: Sometimes someone somewhere knows to…

IOD score card

Tell the Octopus and other short stories, by Jonathan Day (40:00)

Today we see that providing a nickname or other glimpse of how a character lives can make a reader see them better than any amount of describing their appearance. [For…

IOD score card

Short Stories Found Online, by Jonathan Day (1:31)

Today we see that if you fail to show your intermediate steps, readers will judge you like a teacher going through a divorce. What I gleaned about the stories: While…

IOD score card

A Conspiracy of Shadows, by Randy Nargi (8:43)

Today we see a fascinating hiccup in the ImmerseOrDie system. Note from Jefferson: Due to a scheduling mix-up, this book ended up being reviewed twice—once by myself and once by…

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