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The Emperor’s Daughter, by Richard Flunker (3:02)

Today’s book shows us that some writers are completely deaf to echoing.

Final Duty, by Kyle Pratt (6:50)

Today we discover that writing hard sci-fi doesn’t let you use complex words and exposition without consequence. What I gleaned about the stories: Soldiers are either brooding on the past…

Warrior’s Scar, by Shawn Jones (13:03)

Today we see that the numbers in your story have to add up.

Sector 64: Ambush, by Dean M. Cole (31:36)

Today we see that echoing sentence structures can distract just as much as headwords.

Ultimate Duty, by Marva Dasef (19:45)

A good example of how “Show don’t tell” doesn’t mean what you think it means, and its implications for achieving immersion.