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Siege of Praetar, by David Kristoph (21:02)

Today we see that some stories may be stronger than their editorial execution.

Darkness Creeps Forth, by Brian Greiner (4:15)

Today we see that echoes do not need to be at the starts of sentences or paragraphs to cause problems.

Warchild: Pawn, by Ernie Lindsey (40:00)

Today we get a doubly rare treat: another survivor, and this one has a female lead.

Pariah’s Moon, by Ian Thomas Healy (2:13)

Today we see that if not even the author can keep the details straight, the reader hasn’t got a chance.

Stories with Twists, by Larry Klos (3:46)

Today we discover that while giving the reader a detailed enough picture of the scene is necessary, it needs emotional resonance. What I gleaned about the stories: Knowing your enemy…