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Company Daughter, by Callan Primer (19:14)

Today we see that the secret to creating worlds with character is to create characters with history.

Dark Space, by Jasper T. Scott (8:58)

Today we see that plenty of science fiction fans don’t care about the credibility of the physics.

Infinity Squad, by Shuvom Ghose (5:05)

Today we see that nobody believes in life after death—not really—until they’ve been there many times.

No Mercy, by Wendy Cartmell (3:17)

Today we see that if your character misquotes a famous saying without comment, readers might think you are the idiot. What I gleaned about the stories: People connected to the military…

The Cestus Concern, by Mat Nastos (2:58)

Today we see that head-hopping can sometimes happen, even if you don’t change heads.