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IOD score card

Momentary Stasis, by P.R. Adams (40:00)

Today we see that when you set your story in the distant future, readers will be disappointed if they don’t see much evidence of it. Distract them with non-stop action….

IOD Report card

Duty: Suspense and Mystery Stories from the Cold War and Beyond, by Martin Roy Hill (2:50)

Today we see that strong emotional experiences should hold the narrator’s interest from more than an instant.

Enchanting the King, by E.D. Walker (4:21)

Today we see that when the visuals are in conflict, readers can get trapped trying to make sense of them, rather than staying in the story.

The Ring and the Flag, by William L. Hahn (7:21)

Today we see that tiny issues may not bust immersion, but when they gather in sufficient number, the colossus they form is plenty big enough to get the job done.

A Curse Upon the Saints, by J. Rutger Madison (12:15)

Today we examine the impact of speech attribution on scene choreography.