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King Callie, by B. Lynch (7:37)

Today we see that authors should report all significant changes in a character’s stance or position, to prevent seated characters from striding across rooms.

Born to Magic, by David Wind (5:25)

Today I realized that the typo-gremlin always strikes when the reader is most vulnerable to misunderstanding.

Brotherhood of Delinquents

They’re lazy. They’re unskilled. And now the fate of the Kingdom is in their hands. Tam, Kern, and Merrik are all failing at life: a homeless thief, a disgraced baker’s…

Frozen Prospects, by Dean Murray (40:00)

Today we see that even with a penchant for echoing headwords, a good story can still go the distance.

Lodestone, by Wendy Scott (11:20)

Today we see that even small clichés can erode confidence in the originality of the writing.