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The Devil You Know, by Richard Levesque (40:00)

Today we are reminded that when demons abound, a little debauchery and excess completes the mood properly.

Pilgrim of the Storm, by Russ Linton (40:00)

Today we see that the more alien the scenario, the more time it takes to orient the reader.

A Sip of Fear, by Brian Rush (12:05)

Today we see that when authors manufacture a convenient deduction, the result may feel convenient and manufactured.

Blade of the Destroyer, by Andy Peloquin (4:46)

In today’s report we are reminded that if the author doesn’t properly establish the scene geography, readers can easily get tripped up trying to fill it in from scant clues.

A Wizard’s Gambit, by Ryan Toxopeus (5:52)

Today we see that the choppy, frenetic prose of a battle scene is fertile ground for declarative sentence parades.