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IOD score card

The Jack of Souls, by Stephen Merlino (40:00)

Today’s From the Firehose produces a survivor! Huzzah!

The Path of Flames, by Phil Tucker (40:00)

Today we see that another way to grab readers is not with action, but with the imminent expectation of action.

Age of Torridan, by Kai Herbertz (7:52)

Today we see that a good story immerses not just with plot and themes, but with the language used to convey it as well.

Shard Knight, by Matthew Ballard (8:02)

Today we see that repeating yourself too often creates echoes that pop the immersion bubble.

The Secret of Stonehenge, by Yury Nikitin (6:24)

Today’s candidate teaches me that even grammatically correct and properly punctuated books with (presumably) a passable story can fail to engage a reader. Your sentence construction, word choices, and camera work matter.