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Clovenhoof, by Goody and Grant (21:50)

Today we see that even with lots going for it, little frictions can pull a reader out of the story. And what’s more, the better the story, the more it feels like a betrayal when it happens.

Twisted Rixter, by Gretchen Rix (40:00)

Today we discover that demonstrating competence with¬†obscure words makes the errors stand out more clearly. What I gleaned about the stories: To the inhabitants, the most fantastical worlds are mostly…

Love Without Gun Control, by M Christian (10:51)

Today we discover that less accessible prose¬†makes readers less forgiving. What I gleaned about the stories: The world is a grimy place but some of the grime is really groovy…

Living the Afterlife, by River Fairchild (9:36)

Today we discover that readers expect inconsistencies to be purposeful. What I gleaned about the stories: Death, Chronos, and other gods and principalities divide their time between world-shattering duties and…

Tiem Mechine, by Alex Hansen (24:11)

Today we see that a rough patch can come at you like a bridge abutment out of the fog.