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Three Tales for Christmas, by Steph Bennion (40:00)

Today we see that if all the characters so far have obscure names from a particular ethnic group, readers will assume the characters are members of that group. What I…

Somewhere to Turn: stories by Linda Courtland (27:53)

Today we see that poor layout can hide good prose.

A friendly chat

Favorite new sentence today: And so their conversation flowed, like two chance-met warriors in the common battle against time, touching on everything and nothing, but humorful just the same.

Klondaeg Omnibus by Steve Thomas (4:25)

Today we see that even if events are nonsensical, the descriptions must still make sense. What I gleaned about the stories: In a world where the names of gods are…

Starf*cker, by Ian Thomas Healy (40:00)

Today I learned that even a story from a genre I don’t particularly care for can survive the treadmill.