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Autumn Harvest, by Mark Kasniak (0:53)

Today we see just how quickly a reader can bounce out of your book and never come back.

The Odyssey of Hans Kessler, by Brad L. Smith (1:19)

Today we see that if you call attention to an action or detail that readers would have assumed anyway, they will treat it with increased significance.

Monsters & Demons, by Brian Rella (1:33)

Today we see that if your first paragraph doesn’t let the reader in, readers might not push past it.

Honest Fibs, by Nicholas C. Rossis (40:00)

Today we see that every time a reader needs to unravel the formatting, immersion falters. What I gleaned about the stories: The tall tales people tell each other can be…

Anonymous, by Christine Benedict (1:54)

Today we are reminded that beta readers are not a replacement for a good editor.