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Stories, by Samie Foster (0:46)

Today we see that, as a publisher, you need to make sure that your book is actually your book.

Star Crash: A Space Anthology by Vera Loy (2:13)

Today we see that if you tell a reader something they have already assumed, it can deflate tension.

While the Black Stars Burn, by Lucy A. Snyder (40:00)

Today we see that if two stories are in the same collection, readers will carry information from one into another.

Pushing up the Digits, by Pascal Inard (8:12)

Today we see that with an unknown publisher/author, variations in formatting come across as inexperience rather than intent.

Life in a Grain of Sand, by Geoff Le Pard (1:59)

Today we see that the comma, the lightest of punctuation, can have the heaviest impact on readability.