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Threw Lake and other short stories, by Les Bill Gates (3:15)

Today we see that a single paragraph can unravel a page’s worth of reader interest.

Thirteen, by Jonny Newell (2:33)

Today we see that changing the meaning of your punctuation in mid-sentence is a recipe for a shipwreck. What I gleaned about the stories: The Devil may have gone down to Georgia, but…

To Live is to Fight, by Amber Frost (0:52)

Today we see that leaving out a key fact can produce an disruptively amusing image.

Get Out of My Head: Ninth Anniversary Edition, by William Coker (2:02)

Today we see that ebooks converted from print really do require different considerations.

The Dark Verse, Vol 1: From the Passages of Revenants by M Amanuensis Sharkchild (1:47)

Today we see that a precious or arch narrative style is like a fresh razor; one slip and the virtue becomes a vice.