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Night Terrors by Valentine King (5:50)

Today we see that considering how readers read is as important as word choice.

Invasion of Privacy and other short stories, by Jim Liston (9:08)

Today we see that however intellectually satisfying a reader finds your structure, if he has to stop to work it out, it can still kill momentum.

Darkest Before The Dawn, by HM Reynolds (3:13)

Today we see that punctuation is only visible when it goes wrong. What I gleaned about the stories: The type of threat faced by different people changes, but everyone faces…

Ghost Moon Night, by Jewel Allen (17:06)

Today we see that scene and chapter breaks have a meaning.

Queen and Other Stories, by Lincoln Crisler

Today marks the first in a series of four guest reviews being contributed by Dave Higgins. For the four Saturdays in October, Dave will be reviewing a different short story collection. He’ll…