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THIRTEEN: a collection of 13 dark tales, by Adam Hainline (12:28)

Today we see that readers assume sentences are structured in a certain order, so changing it without warning can cause confusion.

What Looks Back by Zachary Adams (0:53)

Today we see that the time saving of using find-and-replace can be a false economy. What I gleaned about the stories: Some people are aware of food having flavours that…

The Disturbing Collection, by David J Skinner (1:44)

Today we see that telling the reader what they are thinking only works if you are right. What I gleaned about the stories: People think odd thoughts and say odd…

Collection of Fear by Brendon Meynell (3:03)

Today we see that if the text isn’t free of errors, readers will assume odd word choices and structures are errors too. What I gleaned about the stories: Darkness lurks,…

Ghostoria by Tam Francis (8:16)

Today we see that consistency of voice and tone is doubly important in a genre that relies on a growing sense of wrongness.