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Cthulhu Doesn’t Dance, by Justin MacCormack (3:06)

Today we meet a book that claimed all the errors had been removed.

Hidden Pictures by Angela Castillo (4:14)

Today we see that partial echoes can be more distracting than full ones if the reader is primed to accept echoes. What I gleaned about the stories: Sometimes odd things…

Cold Sweats and Vignettes, by John Bowen (5:38)

Today we see that not checking your invented words can result in readers doubting your meaning. What I gleaned about the stories: Something is happening. It is probably relevant to…

Twisted Endings, by Timothy D McLendon (1:23)

Today we see that when problems come close together, the reader is less likely to give the benefit of the doubt.

Mists of the Miskatonic, by Al Halsey (3:36)

Today we see that without context, information can push the reader away rather than drawing them in.