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Malus Domestica, by S.A. Hunt (40:00)

Today’s survivor shows us that spooking the reader works best if you first take the time to make them care.

Rotten Bodies, by Steve Jenkins (2:53)

Today we see that a little italic emphasis goes a long way.

Slay Ride, a Christmas Miscellany by Simon Kewin (3:59)

Today we see that¬†without context, references to other works are either confusing, boring, or both. What I gleaned about the stories: Christmas is a brutal time filled with self-interest and…

The Girl at the End of the World, by Richard Levesque (40:00)

With today’s IOD survivor we see that, sometimes, awesome comes in a misleading package.

Commitment and Other Tales of Madness by Glen Krisch (1:12)

Today we see that if a story confuses a reader on the first page, they are more likely to give up than read on.