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The Living and the Dead, by Todd Travis (1:37)

Today we see that self-publishers must be diligent in the entire book production process—not just the manuscript.

The Colour of Dishonour by Rayne Hall (40:00+)

Today we see that readers might treat a single typographical error as an aberration if the writing is good, but are unlikely to do it twice.

Rust: Season One, by Christopher Ruz (40:00)

Let the strumpets cry out as another contender crosses the line with arms raised!

Cringe-Expect The Holy: A Suspense Thriller Short Story Collection, by Damian Fredericks (2:05)

Today we see that short-story collections can be more susceptible to character name confusion than novels.

Somewhere to Turn: stories by Linda Courtland (27:53)

Today we see that poor layout can hide good prose.