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The Lust for Blood, by Charmain Marie Mitchell (2:05)

Today we see that even deliberate echoing can be distracting if the surrounding prose doesn’t support the effect.

Poisoned Apples, by James Loscombe (1:36)

Today we see that if you move from a colloquial voice to the absurd or overly formal without warning, the reader will lose faith in the description.

Threesome: Three Dark and Twisted Tales, by Jacky Cowper (1:47)

Today we see that if there is an error on page one, then readers will assume the book is full of errors. What I gleaned about the stories: Underpasses and…

A Visit from the Soul-Eater, by Talisha Harrison (1:22)

Today we see that if you don’t prime the reader to expect unusual usage or structure, when it happens they will assume you made a mistake.

Mysterious Darkness: Short Stories, by Melvin Rivers (1:08)

Today we see that consigning a horrific event to less than a sentence creates a sense of shallowness.