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IOD score card

The Jack of Souls, by Stephen Merlino (40:00)

Today’s From the Firehose produces a survivor! Huzzah!

Anonymous, by Christine Benedict (1:54)

Today we are reminded that beta readers are not a replacement for a good editor.

Skeletal, by Katherine Hayton (27:41)

Today we see that when repeated word patterns are persistent, immersion is impossible once you’ve noticed them.

Damage, by Stephen Shea (40:00)

Today we see that dread does not come from a firehose. It trickles at us with surgical precision, dripped in tiny installments from an eye dropper.

Brotherhood of Delinquents

They’re lazy. They’re unskilled. And now the fate of the Kingdom is in their hands. Tam, Kern, and Merrik are all failing at life: a homeless thief, a disgraced baker’s…