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The Enigma Strain, by Nick Thacker (14:30)

Today we meet a problem that I call the flashmob of disbelief.

We, The Watched, by Adam Bender (5:14)

Today we see that whatever the POV character is experiencing, he should get on with experiencing it, rather than talking incessantly about the experience of experiencing it.

Cold Run, by Rachel A. Brune (3:54)

Today we see that first-person tough guys are harder to write than you think.

Born to Magic, by David Wind (5:25)

Today I realized that the typo-gremlin always strikes when the reader is most vulnerable to misunderstanding.

Flower’s Fang, by Madison Keller (4:17)

Today we see that, with enough echoes piled together, even the walls of Jericho can be brought down.