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No-Nuns logo

If the Unlovables had a logo…

Can you imagine a better way to sum up Tayna’s feelings for Sister Regalia and the rest of the Goodies? I couldn’t. So when I needed a t-shirt for Tayna…

Revisiting an old haunt

Favorite new sentence today: Each stair groaned differently under her weight, like a chorus of dusty old men, as she made her way up the darkened stairway.

Milestone: Bestseller list

Oath Keeper was in 10th place last week at McNally Robinson. It may only be the regional book chain, but making it to any bestseller list is a complete thrill….

The Oath Keeper launch party is tonight!

If you’re in the Saskatoon area, consider dropping by for the festivities at McNally Robinson, beginning at 7:00. More than just a reading, this will be more like a micro-convention….

2nd Edition of Strange Places Goes Live

2nd Edition Cover As of today, the ebook versions of Strange PlacesĀ at Kobo and Amazon/Kindle have all been updated to the new, second edition, complete with an editorial overhaul and…