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IOD score card

Toby Smart, by Aaron D. Phillips (1:16)

Today we see that punctuation conventions matter, and if you don’t learn them, invented punctuation conventions will have readers racing for the hills.

Broken People, by Ioana Visan (3:24)

Today we see that if your silhouettes have┬áneither backlighting nor total shadow, you might not understand the word “silhouette.” Note: I don’t normally look at marketing materials for a book…

Into Autumn, by Larry Landgraf (2:40)

On very rare occasions, a book will defy common publishing practices for brilliant effect. This is not one of those rare occasions.

Project Fifteen: Rain of Ash, by Rachel Judd (4:52)

Today we see that even small editorial issues can bring you to halt if they happen often enough. Even if the story seems compelling.

Grenheim’s Thorn, by Clay Lewisson (2:26)

Today we see that when three or more characters are in a scene, some kind of establishing shot helps to keep confusion at bay.