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Allies & Enemies, by Cheryl S. Mackey (2:51)

Today we are reminded how important it is for authors to actually visualize the scenes they’re describing.

The Crown and the Mage, by Corinne Morier (3:34)

Today we see that characters should not have information that the physics of their situation denies them.

No One’s Chosen, by Randall P. Fitzgerald (4:59)

Today I am reminded that the more promising the story, the more of a betrayal weak editing seems to be.

Sanyare: The Last Descendant, by Megan Haskell (15:04)

Today we see that even world situations that are totally acceptable can disrupt a story if they’re revealed at the wrong time.

The Summerlark Elf, by Brandon Draga (10:13)

Today we see that using unfamiliar words and styles without the safety net of an experienced editor can be very costly.