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Broken World, by Kate L. Mary (14:30)

Today we see that poor character decision are either a sign of a stupid character or a weak writing.

Robots Vs. Fake Robots: And Other One Act Plays, by David Largman Murray (7:18)

Today we see that a story doesn’t have to be conventional to hold a reader’s interest; but it does have to be clear.

Glass Within Glass: Three End of the World Stories, by Nathan Kuzack (1:24)

Today we see that awkward prose can come in many forms. And many places in the book, too. What I gleaned about the stories: Manifest destiny is a lot more fun for…

Strategy of Numbers, by Clint Irwin (6:04)

Today we see the perils of having a strong opening line that is not borne out in the prose that follows

Winds of Aerathiea, by T.E. Adams (10:21)

Today we see that when a plot hole shows up on page one, it can have a chilling effect on the reader’s willingness to suspend belief any further.