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IOD score card

Lament of the Fallen, by Andy Peloquin (33:08)

Today we see that a book can start strong, but stumble when it tries to loop back around.

Awakening, by Katherine Wynter (9:45)

Today we see there’s a hierarchy of intrusiveness when it comes to typos.

Cannibal Hearts, by Misha Burnett (33:09)

Today we see that even when the reader is fully engaged and loving the story, frequent editorial gaffes can have a draining effect, to the point where the book might even be abandoned.

The Path of Flames, by Phil Tucker (40:00)

Today we see that another way to grab readers is not with action, but with the imminent expectation of action.

Strawman Made Steel, by Brett Adams (15:57)

Today we see that drama and a strong character can overshadow a recurring problem, but not forever.