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digital headstones

Ghouls in the digital age

Favorite new sentence today: We were digging through the data of the dead; post-modern grave-robbers disturbing the slumber of the people I had loved.

The Prince of Ravens, by Hal Emerson (40:00)

Today we see that once an author has earned your trust, your patience is usually rewarded.

My Tomorrow Your Yesterday, by Jason Ayres (10:35)

Today we see that if all you talk about is yourself, and the litany of objects around you in the room, you aren’t interesting enough to spend time with.

Rust: Season One, by Christopher Ruz (40:00)

Let the strumpets cry out as another contender crosses the line with arms raised!

Geriatric care for the brutal

Favorite new sentence today: There are no elder bounty hunters; only the retired and the dead.