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IOD score card

Download Initializing, by Adam Myhr (9:19)

Today we see that a little professional editing goes a long way. What I gleaned about the story: Petra—backed up by her remote partner in crime, Fritz—is on site at…

Digital Divide, by K.B. Spangler (13:30)

Today we see that even when a reader wants an explanation, that’s still no license to provide it intrusively.

Shiny New Swindle, by Simon Cantan (12:54)

Even when the ride is going great, a little vibration can feedback on itself and buck the rider into a swamp.

Self Made, by Darusha Wehm (18:09)

Today I realized how hard I have to struggle, as a reader, to recover after a serious stumble on the opening page. The book is actually stronger than my experience of it suggests, but I have to report what happened to me – not what I think will happen to other people.