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Blood and Beauty and Other Weird Tales, by Jeff Chapman (2:14)

Today we see that if you don’t tell readers who your protagonist is, they will subconsciously fill in the blanks, and then blame you when their guesses turn out to be wrong.

IOD score card

Discordia: Short Stories from The Golden Apple of Discord, by Lauren Hodge (0:51)

Today we see that an overly stylized narrative voice can push readers away rather than drawing them in. What I gleaned about the stories: Supernatural entities can easily be identified by…

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Loose Threads: A Short Story Collection, by Luis Filipe Alves (2:30)

Today we see that being translated from another language doesn’t make your book’s errors less distracting.

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No Way Out and other scary stories, by MJA Ware (2:47)

Today we see that an incomplete or inconsistent ebook feature may be worse than not offering it at all.

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Junk and Other Short Stories, by Duncan James (1:12)

Today we see that a change in format conveys meaning; and if it doesn’t convey something about the story, it conveys something about the author instead.